Our Mission

Provide support for our participants so that they are able to:

a) Acquire knowledge through cultural and work exchange, developing skills for living in an interdependent and culturally diverse world;

b) Create a broader vision of a world increasingly globalized;

c) Implement the experience acquired as a result of their participation in any of our programs.


Our Vision

Become the educational and work exchange agent par excellence. We are committed to building bridges that connect through experience our participants with the values, language and genuine affection of other cultures.


Our Values

  • Global Vision
  •  Teamwork
  • Continuous inovation
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Integrity
  • Quality of service


 Our Team

ITEX is proud to have an experienced team dedicated to cultural exchange, with the best disposition to meet all the needs of the participants and committed to the continuous improvement of their processes.

Almost all members of our staff have not only been exchange students, but have extensive experience of working programs in the US; which enables them to understand and respond appropriately to the needs of our participants.


Our Service

When people are asked why they decided to travel using the services of ITEX; they will most likely talk about the quality of our comprehensive and personalized service to each participant, unique in each of our programs.

We take pride in anticipating the needs of our participants, exceeding their expectations, and being available to answer any questions that may arise during the process.

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